Animal Rubber Band - PET
Animal Rubber Band - PET
Animal Rubber Band - PET

PET Animal Rubber Band
(24 pieces in handy box)

by +d

Super cute animal shaped rubber bands! They are made from the same super-stretchy silicon specifically developed for Animal Rubber Bands so they will always return to the original shape.

For example, a cute animal appears as soon as you take them off from your lunch box - this will add a smile to everyone around you. This material is very durable and light-resistant.

These rubber bands will not deteriorate so easily. These animal rubber bands will be your friends for a long time.

Since their debut at MoMA in New York back in 2003, more than 20 million of these animals are now living happily in 30 countries around the world.
Package Dimensions: W85×D68×H27mm
Material: Silicon
Contents: 24 pcs - 4 of each cute animals
Designed in Japan
Manufactured in Japan
Heat resistant from -40℃ to 190℃

Choking Hazard -
Not suitable for babies and children of a young age.