about mono.style

Mono actually means things in Japanese – so this site is all about stylish things to add to your lifestyle.

mono.style is born out of our love of well-designed and fun products from Japan.

Shelley and Rio are like a pair of 'design' magpies. They cannot resist buying well-designed products whenever they see them on their travels. "For years, we have spent time trying to find something new, interesting and unique during our trips to Japan. As these things were not easily available here in the UK, this is how the concept for mono.style was born." 

They both have a good appreciation of art and design, studied at art school and have worked in creative industries. Shelley is a Londoner who spent a few years living in Tokyo, while Rio is a Tokyo boy who now loves living in London. This cultural fusion creates a mix of taste and style that is reflected on our site, which we launched here from our home in Primrose Hill, London.

At mono.style we have used the strictest guidelines for our selection of things - basically all the things that we’d love to have in our life :)

We want to add a little smile and surprise to your everyday life! Enjoy.

mono.style loves you