Find serenity at the Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

Find serenity at the Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

Don’t have the time to fly to Japan to see the Cherry Blossom?

No, me too... but that’s not stopping us here at Just make your way to Holland Park to visit the beautiful Japanese Kyoto garden instead, here in West London.

Enjoy the ambience of this tranquil Japanese garden with it’s stone lanterns, bamboo blowing and relaxing water feature while you follow the little path around the garden doing your own personal meditation on nature and the wonders of life.

The garden was opened in 1991 as a gift from Kyoto to commemorate the long friendship between Japan and Great Britain. The garden is carefully designed to reflect key traits of traditional Japanese gardens, including tiered waterfalls with colourful Koi fish in the main pond. A few minutes in the Kyoto Garden will not only give you some respite from the hustle of this big city of ours, it will also lift and recharge your spirits too.

Kyoto Garden visitors information:
Holland Park, Ilchester Place, London, W8 6LU
Free entry – open from 07:30 until 30 minutes before dusk daily.

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