Learn to read Japanese - Katkana Mnemonic

So you now have a good idea of what Japanse Hiragana look like in the previous post. Cool! Now let's move on to the second one of Japanese script - Katakana. Katakana is just like Hiragana you have just seen - a set of phonetic alphabets. However, they are most likely to be used to signify things or concept of foreign origins.

OK, so let's get started!


Let's dig an underground tunnel! as in "underground".

Underground tunnel 1Underground tunnel 2Katakana A


I want an easel. as in "easel".

Easel 1Easel 2Katakana I


I have oodles of arrowheads. as in "oodles".

Oodles of arrowheads 1Oodles of arrowheads 2Katakana U


I have an extra bone. as in "extra".

Extra bone 1Extra bone 2Katakana E


Oh! What an odd kick! as in "oh".

Oh! Odd kick 1Oh! Odd kick 2Katakana O


A kite is flying in the sky. as in "kite".

Kite 1Kite 2Katakana Ka


I have a key. as in "key".

Key 1Key 2Katakana Ki


This is a quick seven. as in "quick"

Quick seven 1Quick seven 2Katakana Ku


It's a crooked "K". as in crooked "K".

crooked K 1crooked K 2Katakana Ke


I have a cold. as in "cold".

Cold 1Cold 2Katakana Ko


Let socks dry. as in "socks".

Socks 1Socks 2Katakana Sa


She has a crooked smile. as in "she".

She 1She 2Katakana Shi


My kid has a swing set. as in "swing".

Swing 1Swing 2Katakana Su


This is Senor Martines. asn in "Senor".

Senor Martines 1Senor Martines 2Katakana Se


A soy bean jumped out! as in "soy".

Soy bean 1Soy bean 2Katakana So


Titanic is sinking. as in "Titanic".

Titanic 1Titanic 2Katakana Ta


A chimp is on the ball. as in "chimp".

Chimp 1Chimp 2Katakana Chi


I havde three peanuts. as in "peanuts".

peanuTs 1peanuTs 2Katakana Tsu


A cat's tail. as in "tail".

cat's Tail 1cat's Tail 2Katakana Te


This is a tomahawk. as in "tomahawk".

Tomahawk 1Tomahawk 2Katakana To


Number 1, 2, and 3. as in "number".

Numbers (#) 1Numbers (#) 2Katakana Na


I have two needles. as in "needles".

Two Needles 1Two Needles 2Katakana Ni


Look at my new dress! as in "new".

New dress 1New dress 2Katakana Nu


Balancing is never easy! as in "never".

Never easy 1Never easy 2Katakana Ne


He has a long nose. as in "nose".

Nose 1Nose 2Katakana No


Ha, ha, ha! I can't stop laughing. as in "ha".

Ha, ha, ha 1Ha, ha, ha 2Katakana Ha


This is my heel. as in "heel".

Heel 1Heel 2Katakana Hi


A hook on a wall. as in "hook".

Hook 1Hook 2Katakana Hu


There is a haystack. as in "haystack".

Haystack 1Haystack 2Katakana He


I'm holding a holy cross. as in "holy".

Holy cross 1Holy cross 2Katakana Ho


Don't drink too much Martini. as in "Martini".

Martini 1Martini 2Katakana Ma


Who is 3? Me! as in "me".

Who is 3? Me 1Who is 3? Me 2Katakana Mi


Moo-moo move! as in "moo".

Moo-moo move 1Moo-moo move 2Katakana Mu


I mended my pants. as in "mended".

Mended 1Mended 2Katakana Me


There are four monitors. as in "monitors".

four Monitors 1four Monitors 2Katakana Mo


A yacht in the sea. as in "yacht".

Yacht 1Yacht 2Katakana Ya


I saw a U-boat. as in "U-boat".

U-boat 1U-boat 2Katakana Yu


I can yoga! as in "yoga".

Yoga 1Yoga 2Katakana Yo


This is a Japanese lantern. as in "lantern".

Lantern 1Lantern 2Katakana Ra/La


This is her ribbon. as in "ribbon".

Ribbon 1Ribbon 2Katakana Ri


Roots of an apple tree. as in "roots".

Roots 1Roots 2Katakana Ru


Let's go! as in "let's".

Let's go 1Let's go 2Katakana Re/Le


We have a loaf of bread. as in "loaf".

Loaf of bread 1Loaf of bread 2Katakana Ro/Lo


A wine glass. as in "wine" glass.

Wine 1Wine 2Katakana Wa


Wow! He's happy! as in "wow".

Wow 1Wow 2Katakana Wo/O


Mmm Yammy! as in "mmm". ("mmm" with your mouth open, or "nnn")

mmm (NNN) 1mmm (NNN) 2Katakana NN

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